The original Whitford Book was compiled in 1971 after many years of research by various members of the Whitford clan, including Reid Whitford, Larry Whitford, and Vera Whitford. Throughout the years it was updated at various times to include information on families omitted from the 1971 printing. In 1997, I was asked by Janis Cannon and the Whitford Family Reunion to update the 1971 book. What is included in this site is a portion of that book that was published in 2001. E-mail me for particulars about the book, which includes some information that cannot be found on this site.

While the origin of our Whitford line in North Carolina is still not quite clear, family legend states that we originated near Snow Hill, Maryland, with an ancestor named John (as stated by Col. John D. Whitford). While some of the information stated by Col. John has since been found to be erroneous (i.e. that Martin Whitford lived and married in Bladen County, N.C.), our Maryland roots are yet to be proved. Hazel Baldwin has compiled a book on the Whitefords of Maryland, but there does not appear to be any connection with our line of Whitfords. There is a John Whitford of Hyde County, N.C., during the 1700s that needs further investigation.

There is an early William Whitford near Bath, North Carolina, in the 1720s. It appears the William from Bath, N.C., may be the father of our Thomas Whitford (and is so indicated in the pedigree on this site despite the lack of proper documentation that William is Thomasís father). Thomas and William do witness deeds for each other on numerous occasions. Whether this William Whitford is the same William Whitford that appears as a witness to a Barbados will in 1717 still needs investigation. There is also a familial connection with William Bastin Whitford and his brother William Whitford, known sons of William Whitford of Bath. William Bastin Whitford moved from Craven County to Jones County. He later shows up in Cumberland County before he disappears from the records around 1800 in Moore County.

This Whitford family site tries not to include details on any living people. If you find someone that is still living, please let me know.